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Process automation

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Process automation


From electrical planning up to world-wide commissioning we create control systems with latest technology for e.g.:

  • Manufacturing equipment from receiving materials to the finished product.
    Installations in hazardous areas. We help you with zoning and interpretation of ATEX – regulations. Proof of intrinsic safety.


  • Experts of our PLC department commission the pre-tested controls after integration into the overall system at site and assure for a smooth first start-up of the production systems.

Remote maintenance

  • VPN remote maintenance for the PLC an the computers as a service is available on call assuring fast support and assistance or expert interference analysis if needed, also over and across the continents.


  • We also engage in modernising existing systems in regard to the control technology implemented with them.

SENTIS.NET Screenshot
SENTIS.NET Screenshot


  • SENTIS.NET is a client / server based process control system to administrate and observe various production processes in modern industrial firms.
  • SENTISĀ®.NET is the perfect complement to all weighing systems. It combines all functions of a MES and parts of a ERP system or rather is the interface to a ERP.
  • SENTIS.NET lets you retrace the complete production to the point of machine configuration and formulas.By using unique job and QA numbers, it is possible to verify set and actual values and adjust machine parameters. Thus manufacturing errors are minimized what means more rational work.
  • SENTIS.NET manages all production relevant information in a central database. Thus it is ensured that all production lines access the latest data. This makes SENTIS.NET a “real-time process control system”.

Engineering, general services and items

Eplan P8 CAE system for electrical construction
Example frequency converter
Eplan P8 CAE system for electrical construction
Example plant overviewEplan P8 CAE system for electrical construction
Example plant PLC

Planning and design of electrical lay-out
Piece lists, cable lists, circuit diagrams, terminal connection diagrams, cable routing plans, possible in all languages.

Planning system EPLAN P8 used with our company as for standard, alternatives possible on request.

Control cabinet construction example in stainless steel

Configuration of control cabinets, components
Realization according to specifications provided by customer.
Generally, operating simulation test including I/O test down to the output terminals and safety re-checks are all performed before delivery and handing over.

PLC automation components
If customers make no special demands in this respect, we use Simatic S7 technology on which we base the design of our controls and their special functionalities. Alternatively, we are also familiar with control models from Allen Bradley, Modicon and Mitsubishi.

Within this field we cover a great range of services: from traditional luminous circuit diagrams up to integrated process visualisation.Here are mentioned only a few examples:

  • VisAM Win32 visualisation system, from Visam for more complex process representations with alarm history function and operating facility.
    More informations about this product at
  • WIN-CC process visualisation system from Siemens for more complex process representations with alarm history function and operating facility.
    More informations about this product at
  • Alternative visualisation options and operator panels can be realized according to special agreement.

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