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Electronic development

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Custom-tailored job handling and realisation

Our development team implements electronic components and software solutions to customer specifications.
Up to now, about 40 in-house developments were made – marketable batch products, in accordance with the latest technology.
By our mechanical resources, it is even possible to construct complete electro-mechanical devices, equip them with control electronics and produce them in small quantities.
Complete multi-layer circuits can be create in an attractive time and also produced in small series up to 1000 pieces per year.

Vacuum hopper loader control unit SFG21

  • This is an autonomous control unit for a vacuum hopper loader.

Glass breaking force measuring device for ampoules

Job handling and realization for company Techner Ltd.

  • Breaking force determination at the predetermined breaking point of a glass ampoule

Glass level control

Job handling and realization was performed for company Zippe in Wertheim

  • Glass level control for regulation and adjustment of glass levels existing in a glass melting pot
  • The task was to enable permanent measurement of the glass level existing at a temperature of 1,500°C and to adjust its level permanently in such manner that it would not go beyond the limits of +/- 0.2 mm during the production of the hollow ware.
  • This particular application was realized by means of a special contactless optical procedure.

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