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Image prozessing development

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Custom-tailored job handling and realisation

Our design and development team realises custom-tailored electronic components and software solutions exactly according to specifications.

Optical measurement of ampoules

  • Job handling and realization for company Techner Ltd.
  • Statistical evaluation
  • Pass-fail testing and detection (100 % testing)
  • Line control and job administration

In General:

  • About 40 home-grown products have been developed, all of which are series products that comply with the latest state of the art.
  • We dispose of the capacities to develop complete multilayer circuits within a fair and reasonable time and are able to produce products on small-scale with piece numbers of 1,000 pcs. / year.
  • Our mechanical resources enable us to design and construct electromechanical devices completely and to produce them on small-scale and to equip them with the corresponding control electronics.

Optical measurement of chipboards

  • Industrial application of high-resolution CCD cameras. *The production of chipboards requires to measure the length and width of boards, the sizes of which can come to up to 7×3 meters. The new machine vision system developed by Scheurich GmbH allows to measure contours with a preciseness of +/-2mm.
  • A 16 mega pixel resolution CCD camera takes one picture of two chipboards. The related data are then pre-processed with the aid of mathematical filters. The one-time configuration of the system for the measuring task to be met is realised by means of so-called objects of interest. The detection of the edges of the board is carried out in a self-controlled manner. This is enabled by evaluating the colour or grey scale gradients. Per chipboard, this edge detection procedure gives four straight lines. The computation of the width and length and also of the four angles and two diagonals of the actual chipboard is carried out based on the position of the edges in relation to each other.
  • To enhance the measuring accuracy, the system can be calibrated. The computation of the required correction values is realised by taking a picture of a calibration template that shows precisely defined objects. Possible contortions attributable to the system itself can thus be subtracted out.
    During the preliminary stages of new applications, the machine vision system can also be applied for storing picture data on data carriers in order to use them for the manually operated checking of filtering operations and the testing of functions for their case-related aptitude.

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