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Silo management

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Silo filling levels under clever control

ICS22 Silo visualization system

On behalf of raw material suppliers, processors and plant construction firms, we install level sensors for dedicated silo installations and we advice for sensor and control technologies, which allow a vendor management solution (VMI) in the best possible manner.

To make everything easier for all involved, level measuring systems can also be realised in the form of turn-key projects.
Latest control technologies, the experienced operating staff and the readiness to perform tasks anywhere in the world provide greatest possible security to our customers and make sure they will, even in retrofitting cases, always obtain a system for the measuring of levels they can absolutely rely on.

In many cases, automation pays off already during the first year of operation. Mostly, raw material suppliers will be prepared to share the costs incurred for accessing the filling level data at the end user. We provide assistance with the realisation of your entire project – simply talk with our team members


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